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Orr Shalom

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Homes for children, staffed by caring, competent people, change the lives of children far more constructively than large, impersonal institutions manage to do. Ten children reside in each home along with Orr Shalom house parents. “These are homes for the most neglected children in Israel and many of the most abused! Children ages 8-18 from all over Israel are brought to the Orr Shalom homes. One of their facilities is called Friendship House and it houses and treats adolescent juvenile delinquent boys whose difficulties are so severe that no other setting is appropriate for them.”

“Orr Shalom’s proven success has led to calls for it to expand the number of its facilities and programs. That takes funding! It takes help from us, from the souls who direct funds to Orr Shalom through Amcha For Tsedakah!”