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E.L.I.—The Israel Association for Child Protection

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The most vulnerable members of our society are the young. The Jewish community's record on children is extraordinarily wonderful! The nurturing and love provided comes naturally and is backed by clearly stated ethics and a history that is family based. But, not all Jews behave as we would like. How could Jewish parents abuse their children?! How could any parents do so?! As reluctant as we are to face disturbing facts, the truth is that sexual abuse and physical and emotional abuse occur in thousands upon thousands of Jewish homes. What a horror! We must face it, rescue the victims and do everything humanly possible to prevent more abuse.

Since 1979, the award winning E.L.I. has been repeatedly recognized as the “leading professional authority in Israel that deals specifically and exclusively with all of the various aspects of child abuse.”

“Over 80% of those who have been involved with E.L.I.'s various therapy programs can today be considered successfully treated!”

“Under its founder and director, Dr. Hanita Zimrin, E.L.I.'s professional staff and trained volunteers offer single-point-of-entry comprehensive service. Families receive therapy, legal counseling, shelter and whatever other support services are needed without having to go from one agency to another. This has become a world-wide model of success in combating child abuse.”

The 40,000 children in Israel who are victims of abuse from within both Jewish and non-Jewish homes have at E.L.I. real heroes to whom to turn. Let us give these heroes what they need to do the job! Our commitment to children requires nothing less from us!