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Rabbi Dr. Joshua Haberman has given Greater Washington the most accessible, worthy, varied, ongoing opportunity to participate in adult Jewish education. It is beyond first rate in conception and in terms of what it delivers. The Foundation brings to Greater Washington preeminent scholars on Judaism and makes them available to synagogues, government institutions, community centers and more. The Foundation runs Lunch and Learn Bible Series, taught close to where most of us work, bringing adult Jewish education to our door. The Foundation operates travel/study tours to Jerusalem and Oxford and to Spain as well. The Foundation established, for the first time in our area, The Open Academy: “university-level lectures by prominent Jewish scholars who work right here at the University of Maryland and G.W. along with local rabbis and researchers in fields of Jewish endeavor.” Want a very special weekend getaway? Try a Foundation offered Weekend Study Retreat in beautiful, relaxing settings with congenial groups of fellow Jews who delight in a break from everyday pressures to go off and engage in Jewish learning.

Rabbi Haberman reminds us that the sage Hillel told a skeptic that the essence of Judaism is: “Do not do to another what is hateful to you. All the rest is commentary. Go learn it!” Making it possible for each of us to “go learn it” is what The Foundation for Jewish Studies is all about. The Foundation is a great gift to all of us. Let us be a gift to The Foundation as well.