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At first glance, this Amcha beneficiary might pass your notice. But, if you are important, the Archives is important! If the story of your life and the life of your family is worth preserving, the Archives is worth preserving! If the amazing accomplishments of the American Jewish community should be known and respected by Jews and non-Jews alike and used to both instruct and inspire them, then you must know about and respect the Archives! We are it. It is we. It more than deserves a portion of your largesse given through Amcha for Tsedakah.

Did you know that 2004 is the 350th anniversary of the arrival of Jews in what became America? The Archives is telling that story and sending its engaging anniversary exhibits around the country.

Did you know that Daniel Boone went to Kentucky because two Jewish businessmen from Virginia sent him there in their employ?

Who is keeping track of the transforming contributions made by Jews in medicine, technology, philosophy, literature, music, in every field of endeavor? Who records the inside scoop and maintains the materials, papers, conversations these folks leave behind, making them available to scholars and lay students alike through the ages? It is the Jacob Radar Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.

You are in there. So are your children. So are your parents. You are invited to go there. And you are most strongly encouraged to visit it on the web! Visiting the Archives is to connect with your past, your present and your future all at the same time. Someone must record and organize and tell the story of our lives and their purposes and what they have engendered. That someone is the American Jewish Archives, founded by Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus and led now so capably by Dr. Gary Zola. The Archives is truly an extension of your life and your home.