We invite you to read the material about the agencies we support. You can access that material by clicking on each of the five headings on the left side of this page. As you examine the description of each agency, you will be given the opportunity to access that agency’s website. Take control of your contribution if you like and fill in the designation form, right on your computer screen. Then use your credit card to safely complete your tremendously important, sacred contribution. On behalf of the people you are helping, thank you for your righteous giving!

On this site you will find descriptions of the extraordinarily worthy agencies receiving your funds through Amcha. Through your simple online donation, or by sending us your check, you utilize a convenient, easy way to accomplish an enormous amount of good, the kind of redemptive acts Jews are charged with performing.

You do so with the trust that these agencies operate efficiently, honestly, and pluralistically. You do so knowing that every cent of your contribution gets where you want it to go. We take not one cent of your money to pay for this web site or any operating cost, unless you tell us otherwise. And then we only take the amount you designate.

We do hope, as you direct the distribution of your funds, you will consider allocating to Amcha Operations some small portion of your larger contribution—very small, we don't require much. Magnificent volunteers cover most of our operational needs! Even our printing needs are provided without charge, as is our office space.

Ours is a very simply run, transparent operation. No one among our leaders seeks notice or power of any sort. We are servants of our faith and our contributors. Serving Jewish values and assisting people who really need the help provide enormous satisfaction. What matters to us is successfully connecting these heroic, trustworthy, effective agencies with you and your great desire to make a noble difference with your funds. Our officers and trustees have felt this way since Amcha For Tsedakah began in April, 1990.

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